Wedding Thank You Card Ideas

After your friends and family have gone out of their way to contribute to one of the most special days of your life, it’s only right to thank them with a little token of your appreciation. Writing your wedding thank you cards isn’t necessarily the most exciting project you have on the horizon, but you can make them more interesting with a little creativity that people will really appreciate in return. Here are a few great ideas you might not have thought of to make your cards cute and unique.


  • If you’ve already gone to the trouble of having professional photography at your wedding, you might as well make good use of the pictures! This is especially good when you can get the pictures creatively edited and supplied on a CD for you to use in your own thank you card designs. Hertfordshire-based wedding photographers Ray Lowe Studios are an example that offers this service.
  • A particularly cool way to incorporate your wedding photos into a thank you card is to design it like a postcard. Choose the best picture from your day, or pick a personalised one for each guest, and include all of the classic postcard detailing on the reverse side. You can style it however you like, whether it’s an old fashioned black-and-white design, colourful 1950s-style or a more modern layout.

  • Other than including photos from your actual wedding day, you can get creative with ways to say “thank you” in the form of a photo. Why not get your messages of thanks printed on items of clothing that you can both wear in a photo? You don’t even have to print the actual garments – you could cheat and Photoshop the text!
  • 3D elements always make a card more special. You can customise any of the above ideas even further by adding some extra levels of detail. It might be something subtle and classy like embossed lettering, or you can keep it more simple and DIY with some clever pop-up paper details or even thread some wool through the card to create cute designs like a wedding cake or a flower.

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