Make Your DIY Cards Stand Out

Making your own greetings cards is a great way of showing you care. Sometimes it can be frustrating shopping for cards when nothing seems to really apply to the person you’re buying for, and it may be easier as well as much more effective to just create your vision yourself. However, sometimes you may hit a wall and need some creative guidance to get your ideas made into reality. Here are some basic tips to make your cards really stand out from their pre-made, shop-bought rivals.


Embrace patterns


Using plain card and paper might make your finished designs look a little underwhelming. You’ll notice that most cards in shops are made using patterned layers to create more interesting and detailed designs.


Use a mix of materials


Another way to add detail and texture to your cards is to use a combination of different materials. Don’t just use one type of paper or card, but create interesting layers using felt, plastic and anything else you can glue!

Pick a distinct style


Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel when it comes to a visual style. Choose an existing style to take inspiration from, whether it’s a period of history or something from the fashion world. For example, art deco is a great style for card making.


Add 3D detailing


Use your different layers of materials and a bit of creativity to add a sense of touch to your cards. Pop-up details can be used in many different ways too, whether this is incorporated into how your card opens, or just an extra detail.


Use a unique shape


A rectangular card might never look truly unique and stunning, unless you really take it to the next level. An easier way to create an impact may be to use a really interesting shape. You might make your card circular, star-shaped or go for something more specific. Bringing an object to life and designing a card that looks like a relevant item may be your best bet, whether it’s a jar, a phone, a camera, an animal, a vehicle… the list of possibilities is endless!


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