What To Look For When Hiring Asian Wedding Planners

Planning any wedding can mean months or even years of stress in some cases. Nobody wants it to turn out this way, but when you have so much to think about it’s sometimes just inevitable – or so it would seem, at least. Once you factor in the fact that it’s an Asian wedding, everything just gets even more complicated. There are probably going to be many more guests to think about, and the ceremony itself may be a lot more complex than the average wedding.



That’s why a great Asian wedding planner can be an ideal option. In the UK, there is a sort of stereotype associated with this choice, and many people may start off thinking that it’s not for them because only the wealthiest couples can afford the luxury of a professional wedding planner. However, this is is actually not the case. In fact, you could be costing yourself a lot more money by attempting to handle everything yourself, as well as a lot of undue stress. Here are a few things to look out for when finding a suitable Asian wedding planner.


  • Experienced wedding planners will know how to find the best deals, which can immediately save you money. They’ll go straight to the best value suppliers to make sure you get a luxury experience at the best possible price.
  • They’ll know how to negotiate and get exactly what you want, not just in terms of price but more in terms of the level of service and attention to detail you deserve. Accepting something less than what you hoped for needn’t be an option.
  • They should understand the traditions you’d like to follow and consider the requirements of your religious ceremony. This may include many practical aspects such as the wedding stage, mandap and so on which are specific to Asian weddings.
  • They’ll handle every aspect of the wedding décor and make sure no detail is left out. A wedding planner who only focuses on the basics probably won’t take much of the stress off the bride and groom. A real professional will be happy to address everything for you, from logistics to styling.
  • Your dream Asian wedding planner should, above all, put your needs and preferences first. Ultimately, it’s your special day, and you’re going to be the one who remembers it forever. From your very first meeting, your vision should be the focus of their work.


If you’re comfortable with your chosen planner, you’re assured that they cover all the points above and you’re confident they understand what you want, then go ahead and enjoy the wedding planning process! This should be a happy time, so reducing the stress on yourself throughout the process is probably the best wedding gift you can give yourself.