Alternatives to Greetings Cards

We do love cards, and the fact that you can send them to people for almost any occasion without ever having to repeat yourself. You can use a unique design or idea every time you send a card, but even then you might want to go for something a little different sometimes. Some personalised gifts are somewhere in between a card and a full present, but they’re a perfect way to express how you feel and show you’re thinking of someone. Here are a few such items that you might look at as alternatives to standard cards.

New Baby Prints

A great substitute for a card for new parents is a personalised print with their new baby’s name origin explained, along with other personal information like the time and place of their birth, their size and their weight. These decorative and personal prints can be framed to make them much more permanent and special than a card.

Printed Cushion Covers

A custom cushion can be a great item to receive, as it’s useful as well as personal, and hopefully attractive! You may choose a simple and stylish design that has some personal significance, or go for something clearer with an actual message on your cushion.

Personalised Socks


Have you ever thought of using socks as an item to customise with a printed message? They’re not the most common choice, but we think this idea is a lot of fun! They’re less conspicuous than most t-shirts so they might actually get worn more often than other personalised clothes.

Grow Your Own Gift

Here’s an idea that’s guaranteed to be completely unique every single time. By giving the gift of seeds or bulbs along with everything they need to grow, you can let someone nurture their own present over time and watch it bloom! This can be a very rewarding experience, and you can choose any flower, plant, fruit or vegetable that has a personal meaning to your recipient.

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