About Us

About Our Name
Quite a few people have asked us where the name ‘Jasmines’ came from as neither of us is called Jasmine!. Well the name came from our lovely cat who has since sadly passed away. Jasmine was the last of the litter when we adopted her around 14 years ago, She was the smallest of the litter and not a well kitten as we were soon to discover. Jasmine had a recurring medical problem that she has had since birth which caused her a lot of pain as it also did to our wallets when we had to pay for the vets bills!

Who Are We
Sam, that’s me, I’m a mother of one beautiful daughter and wife to Richard. Day to day running is in my hands with Richard helping out with the webmaster part of the business.
Since we created Jasmines Cards, the business has gone from strength to strength with increasing customers for both crafts & scrapbooking and our other area, Weddings.

100% Customer satisfaction !
Yes all business say they do it but actually how many can actually say they achieve it? Well, customer feedback is rarely negative and since the early start this year our service have been second to none with orders now arriving within 48 hours.