A Comprehensive Guide to Inviting Guests to Your Cyprus Wedding

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Cyprus has more than 300 days of sunlight a year making it an incredibly popular location for people wanting a wedding with sunlight and beaches. Situated on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus is the perfect wedding location if you’re looking for stunning scenery, culture and all the romance that comes with it. Wedding events in Cyprus have become popular over the last few years, as it does not require a ‘long haul’ flight but still offers many of the attractions provided by destinations further away. Getting married in Cyprus offers many benefits; and with many wedding packages available across the island, it can also be a cost effective choice.

Wedding in Cyprus

In Cyprus it is simple to get married, but there are a couple of simple rules. Usually a stay of 3-5 working days is needed before the ceremony. Also, the couple needs to only show original documents including their birth/adoption certificates and passports. If you have previously been married, you must also show divorce papers or a death certificate.

Possible Venues

Cyprus presents a series of options for your wedding event, from a gorgeous beach hotel, to ancient churches & chapels. Cyprus is also renowned for its stunning views of the ocean & gardens filled with rich plants.

Cyprus chapel


Protaras is located along the coast of Fig Tree Bay. Known for it’s glorious sandy beaches, it is a popular destination for romantic beach weddings. Protaras is just a short travel away from Ayia Napa, so if you’re looking for somewhere for an intimate ceremony, with nightlight nearby, this is the ideal destination.

Protaras also offers beautiful scenery, with the Church of Profitis Elias and scubadiving topping the list of things to do during your stay.


Further along the coastline, you’ll find Larnaca. Known for its salt lake which is home to lots of flamingos and large cats as well as more stunning churches and buildings including the Saint Lazarus Church and the Larnaka Medieval Castle. Larnaca is also a popular destination for beach weddings, offering fabulous scenery and amazing photo opportunities.


Limassol is Cyprus’s 2nd biggest city & is fantastic for its night life. A few of the finest stores are found there. Plus, a host of sightseeing chances & a popular place for wedding events. Cyprus spoils you with its beauty.


Paphos is located to the West of the island. It has this unique old town feel but is the top tourist destination.

Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is at the East and it is a favorite for the summer season. Ayia Napa is known for its night events in the Square, and has many stunning beaches nearby. Ayia Napa city center is perfect for a civil event for your Cyprus Wedding.

Why Cyprus?

This Mediterranean island is incredibly popular for wedding events – it’s not as hard or as pricey to get married in Cyprus as you may imagine. The ease of arranging a wedding event in Cyprus is evidenced by the variety of wedding event organisers on the island who can organize a standard church service wedding event in a stunning place, an intimate civil event, a beach wedding event or a dream wedding event in a luxury hotel which has its own chapel.

Inviting guests to your Cyprus Wedding

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Wedding Stationery

Every couple would like their wedding stationery to be amazing, capture who they are and be memorable for the right reasons. If you’re getting married in Cyprus, one way to achieve this is through the use of custom wedding stationery. Alternatively, if you have an idea of what you want your stationery to look like, you should be able to find something similar online.

You can find numerous wedding event designers providing custom wedding event stationery for your wedding. If you have a larger budget, then you might hire them to design your stationery. While you accept their services, make certain that they supply what you want. First, choose the theme of your wedding. Then ask the specialists to design everything according to that style and make it as personal as possible

If you choose to save some money and not work with wedding event designers, you can opt for handcrafted wedding event stationery. Handcrafted wedding stationery is extremely popular with modern weddings favouring a more ‘rustic’ or ‘shabby’ style. You can find tutorials on sites such as Pinterest which you can customise to your required look.

If you’re getting married in Cyprus, you could incorporate the colours of the Cypriot flag i.e. copper (Pantone 144-C) and olive green (Pantone 336-C). These colours could also be incorporated into other aspects of the wedding such as the wedding flowers, clothing, cake design or even the venue decoration.

Wedding Invites

The wedding invites are one of the most import pieces of wedding stationery. They set the tone of the day and give your visitors their very first indicator of the style and theme. They inform them when and where the wedding event will be held and how official it will be.

Usually, a wedding event invite is divided into 4 unique areas, i.e. the hosts, the visitors, the date, time and place of the event and reception.

The hosts of the wedding event

The hosts of the wedding event can be the bride’s parents, the couple, or the parents of the bride and groom. It was custom that the bride’s parents hosted the wedding event, nevertheless nowadays most of couples host the wedding event themselves, frequently with the help of both sets of parents. There are a range of different phrasing options depending upon who is hosting.

Date, time and area

Typically, on official wedding invites the date and time are defined e.g. “21st March 2018 at 1.30pm”. The location of the wedding follows the date and can appear before the time. The reception location then follows.

Guest Information Pack

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When getting married in Cyprus, there is lots of information you need to share with your wedding guests to ensure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be there.

A great way to do this is by creating a guest information pack tha includes everything they need to know. The pack should include important information such as travel information like the nearest airport, recommended accommodation if not provided/details of accommodation if provided, how to get there and whether transport has been arranged, details of the ceremony including location and time, and dress code.

A nice touch is to design the guest information pack in the same style as the rest of your wedding stationery.


Planning a wedding in Cyprus is almost the same process as with any other weddings, plus the overseas process factor. It can be challenging, but all of the efforts will surely be worth it especially with a place like Cyprus.