Wedding gift ideas for couples who loves to travel


Choosing a personal gift is much more meaningful rather than buying the usual gifts you would buy for a newlywed. Many couples seem to have a passion for travelling. So we’ve come up with the following unique gift ideas for couples who loves to travel.

Travel techs

For couples who are always travelling now and then, it might be a good idea to give them something that they can use to document their experiences and memories during their trip. We highly recommend the Go Pro camera which is specifically for activities and travelling. The Go Pro is compact and can be easily packed on the go. The quality of the camera is exquisite and also waterproof.

If Go Pro is way beyond your budget, there are always other alternatives you can get that are useful for travelling. Here’s a list of our examples. You can choose from tripods, headphones, battery kits, mp4 or even a waterproof case for phone purposes.

Travel theme home decors

Another idea is buying the couple something that reminds them of travel at home. An example would be a wall d├ęcor that contains a special quote about travelling or simply a framed poster of the whole map to remind them which countries they would love to travel to in the future.

Traveling Kits

We all know that travelling isn’t always comfortable and easy. However, there are things you can buy for the couple to feel more at ease during their journey. Purchasing a luxurious pillow or sleep mask could be useful too. Don’t forget that you can also get them a personal passport case or a luggage tag.

Gift card for activities or travelling

If you still have no clue what to get them, the easiest gift would be to give them a gift card. The gift card could be based on activities or tours that couples can do together. Better yet, a gift card that contributes to their dream holiday.…