Best Sites to Order Flowers & Cards

Flowers and cards really go hand in hand, and for many special occasions they complement each other perfectly well. If you want to order flowers and cards online from a single supplier, you have a few great options to choose from. Some specialise in either flowers or cards typically, but have later branched out since it makes a lot of sense to offer everything in once place. Here are a few ideas to compare.



One of the largest flower delivery companies in the UK, Interflora is now a massive national franchise. Their traditional floral gifts all come complete with great cards that you can personalise, plus they offer a great range of additional gifts including champagne, gift hampers and other personalised items.

Flower Card

While we mentioned flowers and cards being a perfect match for each other, Flower Card is a site that really takes it quite literally. They’re specialists in creating cards that have completely unique designs and also incorporate bunches or displays of flowers. Some are fairly traditional card shapes, while they also offer larger boxes as well as other items like glass bottles and teacups containing flowers.…