Finding The Best Thank You Cards

Finding The Best Thank You Cards

Wedding is a very special event in everybody’s life. Wedding is a very auspicious moment and the bridegroom, the bride and their family members take every promising measure to make the occasion as blissful as attainable.

The carnival of the occasion begins with the selection of the wedding cards. The printing of the cards is also important as it has all the wedding ceremonies mentioned on it. There are a variety of cards available in the market but the most elegant card should be selected as it makes it extraordinary and exclusive. Indian wedding cards have mantras printed on them to pray to Gods. Some of the Indian wedding cards have the picture of Lord Ganesha imprinted on them. The wedding cards are the first invitation to the guests which give them a glance of all the wedding events. They are the perfect measure to lay down the quality and approach for the wedding.


The Indian wedding cards give the guests all the necessary information about the wedding plans in brief. The time and venue details are mentioned on them. Some people get to know about the wedding through the cards only. For some people the cards serve as the reminder to attend the wedding. These cards play a crucial responsibility in inviting the guests to the wedding. The Indian wedding cards are the simplest medium to warmly welcome the guests to the wedding. Mostly the cards have the pictures of God on the front page. The next pages include the details of the venue and time of the wedding.

The superior quality cards include the silver and gold prints with gem stones indicating a pretentious occasion. Sometime gifts are also distributed to the guests along with the cards. The cost of the cards depends upon the eminence of the paper and the print material. Various card materials are also available in the market. The cloth cards give an ethnic look.

There are different online stores which offer Indian wedding cards. The accessories give an exquisite look to the cards. Various great looking cards are available in the market. The manufactures are making it possible to make the cards available to the users. The various card designs are available online and the user can select the design according to his choice and the other things would be taken care by the manufacturers. The themes and the quotes of the cards can be decided by the professional designers. The cards are available in different range of prices.


Attractive Indian weddings have given rise to a business that strives to make marriage an excessive concern. Indian wedding cards not just pull towards the Indians but citizens from other nationals too. The other people from different parts of the world are looking towards Indian wedding cards. The various ethnic cards are available online. The cards represent the great work of Indian designers. The various satisfied people across the world are looking towards the promising cards to make their wedding special.

Things to Know for “Save the Date” Cards

Things to Know for “Save the Date” Cards

Wedding invitation are generally sent out somewhere around six and eight weeks before the wedding to give the guests enough time to plan and react. In any case, if you have chosen to plan your wedding on a popular or holiday weekend, that may not be sufficient time to offer them to guarantee they don’t as of now have other plans. In these cases, save the date cards are an awesome choice. “Save the date” cards can be sent out as much as six months ahead of time of the wedding, and can be a mindful approach to ready those guests that you would most like at your wedding, that you have set the date and trust that they will have the capacity to go to.

“Save the date” cards are a moderately new development in the world of wedding welcomes. Despite the fact that they are new, there are a couple etiquette guidelines that many take after when conveying save the date cards. These astute guidelines can help you choose whether or not they are proper, and how you can adequately utilize them. These tips can help you pick gorgeous save the date cards, and send them out to the suitable people.

“Save the date” cards are declaration cards that give friends and family a heads up that you have at last set the date for your wedding, and that they ought to save the date if they might want to go to. Save the date cards are generally the primary formal notice that any of your guests get about your wedding. Most wedding stationers now incorporate save the date cards that are themed to fit your wedding, so that all you’re wedding segments will coordinate. Nonetheless, if you pick, you can absolutely blend and match your save the date cards, welcomes, and notes to say thanks.

Normally, you ought to convey save the date cards somewhere around three and five months before the wedding, to furnish your guests with adequate time to make travel courses of action and lodging facilities. Once more, if you are planning your wedding amid a popular holiday weekend, you might need to give significantly more notice than that. Some couples convey save the date cards when they have affirmed their date and venue reservation.

Generally, save the date cards are sent primarily to family and friends who may need to go to go to your wedding. If you have planned your wedding around a popular holiday, for example, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Memorial Day weekend, you ought to convey save the date cards to the majority of your expected guests with the goal that they can abstain from making other arrangements.

There are a few different styles of save the date cards accessible. The most widely recognized decision is a save the date card that directions with whatever is left of your wedding theme and colors. Most wedding stationery suites incorporate a save the date card, or a card that is fitting for use as a save the date card. A popular modern choice is the attractive save the date card, which is intended to be attached up on a cooler with the goal that it is on display, and a simple day by day indication of your up and coming wedding.

Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Designing Your Wedding Invitations

While some lucky couples have a wedding planner doing all the running around, most couples have to forgo that luxury because of financial reasons. Despite the fact that we are in the twenty-first century, the lion’s share of the wedding planning often falls on the bride. We can’t blame our grooms completely for this sorry state of affairs; often, brides-to-be have very specific ideas about what they want, from their dress, to their cake and even napkin holders! More often than not, your groom is holding back for fear of making a major mistake. To get into ‘marriage mode’ it’s best to start doing some of the wedding preparation together. Start with the wedding invitations as they are something which both of you will find interesting, compared to shoes and flowers.


You can start designing your wedding invitations way before other decisions, such as venue and guest list, are finalized. If you haven’t settled on a wedding theme, do so now. Not only will this guide the rest of your wedding preparations, but it will also set the scene for the type of wedding invitations you have. You can choose from traditional, formal, destination, unique, ethnic or any other theme that reflects how you envision your wedding day. As far as cost goes, you can choose from super-extravagant options or from many of the affordable wedding invitations available. The important thing is to decide on your budget and try to stick to it.

With the theme out of the way, start looking at invitation templates. Even if you have your heart set on a one-of-a-kind wedding card, templates are invaluable sources of ideas.  You can find them online from hundreds of wedding sites and specific wedding card printers’ sites. The wedding invitation template you choose should also work with your budget. As a rule, the thicker the card, the more expensive it will be. The same goes for embellishments. There are also plenty of templates for affordable wedding invitations.

Some couples can’t find a suitable option even after looking at hundreds of templates. If this happens to you, don’t panic. With most printers and card designers, customization is welcome. Most of them will go out of their way to help you get what you want. Designing your own affordable wedding invitations is also possible. You can pick elements from one template, for example color or images, and match it with the font or embellishments from another. You also have a huge variety of paper to choose from, with different weights, colors and textures among the alternatives.

There are a wide range of unique and interesting wedding invitation options, and you’ll be amazed at the inventiveness of the wedding card designers. Having your picture included is quite popular these days. These aren’t your standard studio shots, but much more interesting. For example, some people have printed their cards to look like movie posters, with the couple as the stars. Another unique card featured current pictures of the couples, along with digitally altered pictures to show how they will look in 40 years, with the words “X and Y have decided to grow old together”.


In other words, your choices of wedding invitation are endless, and these are just the paper options. Seeded cards, which can be planted, and CD invitations are just a few of the non-paper wedding invitation options. You and your fiancé will have a great time looking through the cards and settling on your final choice. Whatever you choose, the important thing is to do it as a team.